Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

This meme hosted by J. Kaye's Book Blog where we post about what we've read, what we're currently reading, and what we plan to read is my favorite because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing what everyone's reading. I'm stealing my post from yesterday's Sunday Salon because it shows exactly what's going on in my world of reading.

Books read and reviewed:

Cowboy and Wills

Notes Left Behind

Not Lost Forever

Books I've read and need to review:

Love Heels: Individual stories about support dogs through Canine Companions for Independence.

The Kids Are All Right: True story about a family of four kids whose father is killed in a car accident and the mother dies of cancer months later.

Angel Animals: Inspirational stories from people where a pet or other animal made a significant difference in their lives.

5th Horseman: About a mystery killer at a hospital who puts buttons on the eyes of people after they are dead.

The Tall Book: Non-fiction book written by a 6'3" woman; everything you ever wanted to know about being tall. (I'm 5'10" and my 16-year-old son is 6'8")

Just Listen: Non-fiction book that tells the secret to getting through to anyone, in business and relationships.

This Lovely Life: Memoir written by a mom who delivered twins at 24 weeks; one of them died after 4 days and the other one was blind and had severe disabilities. Despite her clear wishes that the doctors not go to heroic efforts to resuscitate the babies at birth, they did so anyway, and she tells of her resentment and experience of raising a severely disabled child.

And today I'm going to start reading:

Saving Cinnamon: About a puppy found on a military base.

AND as of yesterday I have a 16-year-old! Which means he'll get his driver's license. Which means I won't have to drive him everywhere. Which means....

You got it, I'll have more time to read! Woot, woot!

How about all you? What's going on in your reading world?


Mary said...

Hi Lynne, congrats on your son's 16th - such a milestone!
You asked about Outlander. It's a long book (chunkster, I believe, is the correct term *smile*). But I read it on my Kindle so it didn't matter. I enjoyed it. It's a romance/adventure, I suppose. The romantic scenes can be a bit on the graphic side so take that into consideration. There were also some graphic and heartbreaking torture scenes. I do think those could have been edited a bit but that's me. Over all, I liked it and will read the next in the series. I recommend reading more reviews (Amazon, Goodreads - lots of reviews there). I gave it 4/5 stars.
Happy New Year!

J. Kaye said...

What a great list of books. NOTES LEFT BEHIND really stands out for me.

Happy reading this week! :)

Lynne said...

Mary: I didn't know Outlander was a chunkster. I've been avoiding those lately in order to keep up with the books I order from the library :) Thanks for the info though, it was helpful.


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