Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Salon

I've read so many books the past week or two that I'm getting behind on my reviews! That's a good thing, though, right? That I've read a lot? Some books I don't think I'll do reviews on, like The Little Red Writing Book. It's a resource book with helpful tips about writing. What else is there to say about that? :)

But here's what's going on in my reading world this week:

Books reviewed:

Cowboy and Wills

Notes Left Behind

Not Lost Forever

Books I've read and need to review:

Love Heels: Individual stories about support dogs through Canine Companions for Indpendence.

The Kids Are All Right: True story about a family of four kids whose father is killed in a car accident and the mother dies of cancer months later.

Angel Animals: Inspirational stories from people where a pet or other animal made a significant difference in their lives.

5th Horseman: About a mystery killer at a hospital who puts buttons on the eyes of people after they are dead.

The Tall Book: Non-fiction book written by a 6'3" woman; everything you ever wanted to know about being tall. (I'm 5'10" and my 16-year-old son is 6'8")

Just Listen: Non-fiction book that tells the secret to getting through to anyone, in business and relationships.

This Lovely Life: Memoir written by a mom who delivered twins at 24 weeks; one of them died after 4 days and the other one was blind and had severe disabilities. Despite her clear wishes that the doctors not go to heroic efforts to rescuscitate the babies at birth, they did so anyway, and she tells of her resentment and experience of raising a severely disabled child.

And today I'm going to start reading:

Saving Cinnamon: About a puppy found on a military base.

AND as of today I have a 16-year-old! Which means he'll get his driver's license. Which means I won't have to drive him everywhere. Which means....

I'll have more time to read! Woot, woot!

How about all you bloggers out there? What's going on in your reading world?


Alyce said...

You have a lot of books that appeal to me on your list here. I look forward to your review of The Kids are all Right. It looks so sad!

Liz said...

Got some great suggestions from your post -- thank you! I read about "Just Listen" last week, twice in fact. I believe in one post it was included as part of a roundup of good business books. What I found interesting was that on that list were at least 3 (maybe even 4) that discussed the importance of listening and being able to have good relationships, in the business world. What a concept -- seems so elementary to me. One of my recent reads is also a business book, "Built to Sell," by John Warrilow. (I have a copy -- it comes next month.) For those of us out there who run businesses as well as read books, it's a must-read! It's about how to create a business you can sell if you want or need to. The author uses his own failure at doing so to give us tips to avoid his fate. The book highly readable, as readable as a John Grisham novel, even, and as valuable as a Jim Collins book."

Thanks again for the suggestions -- I'm going to check my library web site now!

Lynne said...

Alyce: The Kids are All Right was a little sad, but I've read waaaay worse, i.e. The Boy Called It, Running with Scissors, and the most recent one I read called Not Alone Forever. Sheesh, why do I torture myself? :)

Liz: Glad you got some suggestions. As you can see I read quite a variety of genres. Keeps me on my toes. Just Listen was really good, especially for business people.


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