Friday, January 22, 2010

Review: Saving Cinnamon

Saving Cinnamon

by Christine Sullivan

My Synopsis

A Navy Reservist, Mark Feffer, befriends a stray puppy (Cinnamon) while in Afghanistan. He makes arrangements to adopt the puppy and have her transported to the United States. Another military man, who agrees to escort her there, ends up leaving her in a foreign airport during a stop. After missing for 44 days, the author, Mark's sister, through determination and desperation, finally tracks her down.

My Thoughts

The author was absolutely heartbroken when she found out Cinnamon was missing. Her brother had become extremely attached to the puppy while serving in the military. The most difficult part for everyone involved was not knowing what happened to her. Was she hurt? Thirsty? Hungry? The man who was supposed to be in charge of her transportation left her in a Kyrgyzstan airport. Turkish Airlines would not let Cinnamon on the flight because the cargo area was not heated. The man left her with an airport employee after first threatening to kill the dog because he did not want to miss his flight.

The author told in great detail (which I found fascinating and not the least bit boring, surprisingly) how she emailed everyone she knew for help, how she fought to find her brother's dog even when he became dejected and hopeless, and how she finally found Cinnamon in the end.

I loved this book!! Luh-uh-uved it! Christine Sullivan needs to be my friend. Plus, there a ton of pictures from the time Cinnamon was with Mark while he was serving in Afghanistan as well as Cinnamon's happy homecoming. I must have looked at the pictures 15 times.

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Do I Recommend?

Yes, if you are an animal lover and especially if you're a dog lover. You'll "get" why someone would go to such extremes to find a lost puppy.

My Rating



Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

This looks so good! I think I remember hearing about this on the news when it happened, or at least a similar story. Great review!

Unknown said...

inthehammockblog: I too remember hearing about this story on the news, so when I saw the book I just had to read it!

Thanks for visiting :)

Christine said...

Hi Lynne, Just saw your wonderful review of my book, SAVING CINNAMON. I am honored to receive a 5/5 rating. So glad you enjoyed Cinnamon's story and thank you for recommending me to your readers!
Best wishes!
Christine Sullivan


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