Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hour 10 - Readathon Mini-Challenge - Open Internationally!

***This mini-challenge is now over. The winner will be announced at the Dewey's Readathon site. Thanks to everyone who participated!***

Hi everyone!  How is your reading coming along?  Ready for a short break and some furry fun?

This is a simple 2-part challenge:

1)  Post a picture on your blog of a current or past pet.

2)  Tell us your favorite animal book and then write a sentence using the name of the main character and only the first letter of that name.  For example:  If my favorite animal book was Wesley the Owl, I could write - Wesley works wildly with witches who wander.  You could also use the "O" instead...Owls overestimate overeating.  Make it short and sweet or challenge yourself and make it as long as you can. 

If you don't have or never had a pet or can't provide a picture, that's okay. Do step #2 only.

Be sure to leave the link to your post in the comments.  If you do step #2 only, it's okay to write your book title and sentence in the comments. 

The winner, chosen by, will receive a book of their choice up to $25 from the Book Depository.

Have fun, and thanks for playing along. I can't wait to see your pets and prose!

My own two pups

(looking pretty)

(looking goofy)

and KC...


Happy Reading!


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