Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anyone Else Excited About the Readathon?!

Last I checked there were 355 people signed up for the October 9th Readathon, so there should be lots going on that day.  Be sure to stop by here at 4:00 PM Central Standard Time (5:00 PM Eastern); I'm hosting a mini-challenge that will be open internationally, with a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate prize. 

If you don't know when to start reading that day, check the start times.  (The 2009 Readathon date is shown on that page, but I'm sure the times are the same.)  Haven't signed up yet?  It's not too late.  I promise you don't want to miss out like I did the last time.  Everyone talked about it for days, and I felt like the little school girl left out of a game of four-square :(  To sign up, go to the Readathon website.  It's easy, and you don't have to read for 24 hours. You can read for two hours if that's all you have time for, but to participate in any challenges, you need to make it official.

I'm excited!  Does everyone have their books ready?  I need to go to the library to get a couple of short, easy-to-read books for the midnight hour and stock up on coffee and snacks.  Can't wait to "see" everyone there.


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