Friday, January 29, 2010

Authors Comments on Your Reviews

I think it's fun when authors comment on a review I wrote. Of course they probably only comment when the reviews are favorable, but it's still neat to know that they search for, and read, blogger reviews. I suppose if that was my livelihood I too would be searching all over to see if everyone liked my book!

Here's a comment I just received from the author of Saving Cinnamon, which I loved.

Hi Lynne, Just saw your wonderful review of my book, SAVING CINNAMON. I am honored to receive a 5/5 rating. So glad you enjoyed Cinnamon's story and thank you for recommending me to your readers! Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan

In my review I mentioned that she, Christine, needed to be my friend; I felt that we would hit it off because we both love animals so much. Funny... in her comment she didn't mention anything about being my friend. Now why is that? lol

David Works, the author of a book I read called Gone in a Heartbeat wrote to thank me for my kind words in a review I had written. In the book he told how his family was gunned down in a church parking lot. Two of his daughters were killed and he was critically wounded. It was an awful story, but I loved the book. And I loved that he commented on my blog.

What about you? Have you had authors comment on your reviews?


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I like that too - I recently had one from a book I checked out fromthe library - it was a few years old I read and reviewed it. I thought it was kind of cool when the author commented as I had no connections with the author, no blog tour or anything. :)

I always appreciate it when the author communicates with me.

Nise' said...

It is so nice when authors comment on our reviews. I have had a few comment.

Lynne said...

Sheila and Nise: It IS fun when they comment. I just wonder, if you wrote a bad review would they comment? I think not :)

fredamans said...

I read Jess Winfield's book My Name Is Will. He commented on my review.


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