Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review: Glimpsing God

Author:   Rachel Alkire

Genre:  Listed as Biography/Autobiography

About:  The author tells of several tragedies in her life:  her own near-death experience, her daughter's skull being crushed by bullies, a car accident in which her oldest son is rendered unconscious, and the diagnosis of three of her five children with an irreparable genetic brain disorder.

Descriptive Words:  Enduring faith, unbelievable trials

Thoughts:  Most of us go through trials in our lives, but thankfully not to the extent that Rachel Alkire has. 

One incident after another left this Christian author questioning God's purpose and reasoning.  Why was she being tested so severely?  What did He want from her?  First her heart stopped during a C-section.  Then her daughter's skull was broken when a child hit her with a baseball bat.  Then she was in a car accident with four of her children and her son was left unconscious.  Soon after, three of her children were diagnosed with a genetic brain disorder.  What next?

I enjoyed this honest, heartfelt story.  The writing flowed and was easy to read.  I felt sympathetic towards the author and connected with her.  Her courage to question God while enduring one incident after another - yet remaining faithful, knowing God is omniscient - was inspirational. The only aspect I didn't like was the dialogue between her and God.  It worked at first, but soon became monotonous.  "Is he dead???  No, this cannot be!  NO!  He is our promised son!  God, you didn't give him to us to take him away like this!"  Take the seat belt off. (God's voice).  And when she wasn't talking to God she was talking to herself, which, again, was fine at first but became slightly annoying by the end. 

For the most part, though, Glimpsing God was enjoyable, and I liked her conversational writing style.  I would read this author's work again. 

Source:  Arielle Roper at Bring It On! Communications -  I was not paid for this review but was given a free copy of the book.

Why I Chose:  I enjoy reading about others' misfortunes and how they are strengthened by them in the end.

Recommend?  Yes, if you like to read about others' tragedies and how their faith helps them through.

Rating:  3.5 / 5

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