Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review: 1001 Books for Every Mood

Author: Hallie Ephron, Ph.D.

Genre: Non-Fiction (2008)

About: A compilation of books for certain moods.

Descriptive Words: Books, books, books

Thoughts: Does anyone else love as much as I do books about books? I never get tired of them.
Don't read this one if you don't want to add to your wish lists. In the most self-disciplined way I could possibly manage, I added only 10 books to my wish list. I know, I'm proud. It could have been worse.

I loved how this book broke the categories down into moods (duh, good thing, since that's what it's about): for a Good Laugh, for a Good Cry, for Action, for Revenge. And not just typical moods, either. The author got creative: for a Shot in the Arm, for a Kick in the Pants, to Join the Circus, and to Slide Down the Rabbit Hole - never heard of that kind of mood, but...

In each mood category there were several pages of books along with a thorough description of each. Also included was a literary merit rating of 1-4 stars and a small icon denoting if the book was provocative, influential, inspirational, humorous, brainy, easy reading, page turner, challenging, bathroom book, family friendly, and movie.
Fun, fun!

Source: Library

Why I Chose: Because I cannot pass up a book about books.

Recommend? Yes

Rating: 5/5


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