Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: The Last Child

The Last Child

by John Hart

My Synopsis

Thirteen-year-old Johnny sets out to search for his twin sister Alyssa, who was abducted in broad daylight. His friend Jack says he saw the abduction but is unable to give clear details of the person or the car. Soon after, Johnny's father disappears, and between him leaving and the inability of the police to find Alyssa, Johnny's mother turns to alcohol and drugs for comfort. Social Services then becomes involved when it's determined that she is unable to care properly for Johnny. Clyde Hunt, the lead detective on Alyssa's case, who himself is losing touch with his own teenage son, takes the case far more personally than others think is appropriate. And when another girl, Tiffany, goes missing, Hunt becomes even more determined and obsessed with solving the case.

My Thoughts

I'm not a huge fan of this genre, so I'll tell you why I picked this book. The cover! I'm a sucker. That and the title just got me. The Last Child.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the story line and the characters and the drama. Boy was there drama. It's a 432-page book and I read it in two days. On the second day I couldn't put it down. Just when I thought I figured out who did what...BAM! Wrong.

The only negative comment I have is that some of the things Johnny did seemed unbelievable for a 13-year-old. He drove his mom's car several times, went out after dark to scary neighborhoods, stole and carried a gun and sought out known pedophiles in the area in his search for his sister; far braver than any 13-year-old I know, even the trouble maker type.

Other than that I thought it was great. I loved that I couldn't predict anything even when I tried. There were so many twists and turns and things occurring that my head was spinning. In a good way :)

Do I Recommend?




My Rating

5/5 Because I love when books are too good to put down.

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Aths said...

This one sounds like a great thriller!! I have to check this one out. Good review!

Staci said...

I love it when books are too good to put down too!! this one will be going on my MUST read list!

Missy B. said...

It's already on my wish list....Very nice review! I am looking forward to reading it!

dArLyN said...

13 years already driving a car?yeah..that is a lot of unbelievable..btw, nice review lynne!

Gwen said...

Hey, I was driving at 13 and I was a good girl. Just swear that you will not tell my parents. They still don't know!

Books that you can't put down are like manna from heaven, I will keep my eye out for this one.

Glad that I wasn't the only one left unenthusiastic by The Unnamed. There are so many books that people rave about that I really don't like. After a while it gets me worried that there is something wrong with me.

Nishant said...

I love it when books are too good to put down too!
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