Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Monday! What are you Reading? March 22

I can't believe it's Monday already. My favorite day. My favorite meme. Sheila from One Person's Journey Through a World of Books hosts this, so join us, won't you?

I finished one - ONE - book last week! I don't know what happened. My son is playing basketball and had four games this past weekend so I didn't get any reading done then. My husband is out of town right now and I need to take advantage of my time alone, and read.

The ONE book I read was Not Without Hope by Nick Schuyler. Memoir about the football player who went fishing with his three friends (also football players) and their boat capsized. He was the only survivor. Great book. Here's my review

I've got two I'm reading right now:

Remarkable Creatures ~ Tracy Chevalier
The Last Child~ John Hart

At the library I need to pick up:

Tweak ~ Nic Sheff (his dad wrote The Beautiful Boy, which was really good)

This Book is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All ~ Marilyn Johnson

Saving Gracie: How One Dog Escaped the Shadowy World of American Puppy Mills ~ Carol Bradley (I've been waiting for this one for a while.)

I seem to have high aspirations for reading a lot of books and somehow life gets in the way. I hate when that happens.

I hope life doesn't get too much in the way for all of you this week so you can get lots of reading done. Enjoy!


jlshall said...

One book a week sounds pretty good to me! I'm really eager to get my hands on Remarkable Creatures - sounds like a great read. Enjoy your reading this week!

Amy said...

This Book is Overdue and Saving Gracie both look like great books. Can't wait for the reviews! Here's my list.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

You read some awesome books. I have to go check out your review of Not Without Hope but I am already pretty sure I want to read it.

Have a great week Lynne!

Stephanie said...

I love your blog, especially the picture with the dog (fabulous)!

You have a great selection of books so I hope you enjoy your reading week!

Staci said...

Sometimes that happens!! Who knows you may get 4 of them done this week!! Tweak is good, but scary!!!
Have a great week of reading!

Nise' said...

It's hard to read and be at a BB game! LOL.

This Book is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All looks great.

Carin said...

well that's one more than I managed! :( Remarkable Creatures is on my TBR list too. A friend said I'll really like it.

Gwen said...

I got a big kick out of This Book is Overdue and learned a lot about libraries that I can't learn here with our small system.

Aths said...

We all have our rough weeks I guess. I've gone some weeks without completing any reads, so I know what you mean! Hope you get to do some good reading this week!!

Gwen said...

I really enjoyed This Book is Overdue, hope you do too. I have an AA in Library Science, so this was a peek into what I could do with it if I went on in my studies.

You asked how I read so kids, no cleaning, no basketball games, well, no life! LOL

I didn't get much else done last week to be honest.

Lynne said...

Thanks for commenting everyone, and for making me feel better about only reading one book this week. I hope to read more than that this week.

Gwen: An AA in Library Science? I wish I would have done that. And yeah, no kids, no cleaning, no games equals lots of reading for sure.

Nise': I actually brought a book to the tournament, but you're right, it was impossible. Eight courts of games going on with hundreds of basketballs being bounced? I couldn't hear myself THINK!

Nishant said...

This Book is Overdue and Saving Gracie both look like great books.
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