Friday, January 22, 2010

Review: Teenagers Suck

Teenagers Suck

by Joanne Kimes and R.J. Colleary

My Synopsis

Non-fiction book for parents dealing with teens and their issues.

My Thoughts

This book was hilarious. The authors made raising teenagers seem comical when it's anything but. I learned so much about raising teens and laughed the entire time; the advice was professional but obviously based on experience. Interestingly, though, one of the authors has a pre-teen and the other has had three teens. Maybe the one without teens added the humor and the other one added the advice?, like, totally worked. It's a great guide for when to react and when to let things slide (picking your battles) and a perfect reminder of the phrase,"This too shall pass" and the "God grant me the serenity" prayer. LOL

Here are the chapters, just to show you what issues are covered and how funny the book is. For some I've listed one or two sections, even though there are many:

Chapter 1: Hormones: How the Simplest Creatures Become Criminally Insane
Section - Waking Up at the Crack of Noon
Section - A Boner-Fide Problem

Chapter 2: Mars, Venus and TeenTown
Section - In Teen We Trust....NOT!
Section - "Home, James" - Your Life as the Chauffeur

Chapter 3: You're Not Leaving the House Looking Like That
Section - You Pierced What?
Section - Makeup or War Paint?

Chapter 4: What We Have is a Failure to Communicate

Chapter 5: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag...of House Rules
Section - Every Parent's Worst Nightmare: The Driver's License!
Section - Privacy (AKA Snoop, Dog)

Chapter 6: Relationships Between Drama Queens and Kings
Section - With Friends Like Those You Need a Bottle of Scotch
Section - "Going Out with Someone" - What it Means Through the Ages

Chapter 7: Sex: From Hanging Out to Hooking Up
Section - Defining Togetherness
Section - Coed Sleepovers

Chapter 8: Special K and Other Drugs: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Chapter 9: Rebel Yell
Section - The Beginning of the End...or the End of the Beginning
Section - Giving Up (Some) Control: A Modern Day Fable

Acquired From? Borrowed from library (but wish I had my own copy to re-read)

Do I Recommend?

Yes! If you have a 15-17 year-old. Absolutely. And if you have a 13- or 14-year-old, just skip over the parts you think aren't relevant yet (though you're probably just in denial), then read it in its entirety when they are 16 and there is NO denying what's going on. Get it. You'll be glad you did.

My Rating

5/5 for it's humor and advice


dArLyN said...

wow! i think this one is really hilarious!

Teddyree said...

LMAO I so need this. I was laughing just at the chapter descriptions. Thanks for the great review, straight on my wishlist it goes!

Lynne said...

Teddyree: You really should get it. It's easy to read, has great advice, and most importantly, makes you feel like you're not alone!!


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