Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Afghanistan

Author: Pen Farthing

Genre: Memoir (2009)

About: While serving for the Royal Marines in Afghanistan, the author intervenes when he comes upon the scene of a local dog fight. One of the freed dogs finds his way into the Marine compound where Farthing is staying and eventually so do several other strays. Farthing, with a soft spot for dogs, can't resist caring for them, some of whom are pregnant, and as his tour of duty comes to an end he enlists his wife's help to rescue them.

Did you know...that dogfighting, a centuries-old tradition, is one of Afghanistan's most popular sports, and that owners cut off their dogs' ears and tails with a knife (no anesthetic) so no superficial wounds will be inflicted because of a torn ear or tail and the fights can then last longer?

Overall:  It was okay.

Liked...the courage the author showed in standing up to the dogfights and in caring for the dogs at the Marine compound, as it was not exactly in line with the rules but because he was a higher rank he got away with it. I liked the dramatic ending the best, when he had to organize the dogs' difficult trip out of Afghanistan. I also liked the few pictures on the front and back inside covers.

Didn't like...that it dragged on. Yes he had a huge heart and yes he went to a lot of trouble to save a few dogs in the compound when his duty was over, but not enough content to warrant a book. 

Source: Library

Why I chose: The cover. I couldn't resist. And of course the subtitle: Saving the Strays of Afghanistan. Always a sucker for animals. Especially strays.

Recommend:  Eh.

Rating:  3 / 5


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