Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: Bill Warrington's Last Chance

Author: James King

Genre: Fiction (2010)

About:  Bill Warrington, an ex-marine in the early stages of Alzheimer's, uses his granddaughter to reconnect with his own children, who think he killed their mother.

Descriptive Words:  Dysfunctional family, Alzheimer's

Overall: It was okay. A bit too corny, but would make for a good Lifetime Movie Channel movie. 

Liked...Bill Warrington's realistic Alzheimers' symptoms of forgetfulness and memory loss and the way he used humor to try to cover them up. As the story progressed, so did his disease, which was sad but real. I also liked the easy-to-read writing.

Didn't like...the cheesiness of the story nor Bill Warrington's daughter Marcy (see below).

Source: Library

Why I chose: I saw it in People (or Oprah?) magazine and thought it looked good.

Recommend?  Probably not.

Rating: 3.5 /5

Other Reviews:  Some people on Goodreads complained that Bill Warrington was unlikeable because he was so ornery and rude. But this could have been caused by the Alzheimers' or by flashbacks from his time in the Marines, so I didn't have a problem with it. Personally, I didn't like his daughter Marcy, who was mean and disrespectful to her dad, often calling him "Billy Boy."


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