Saturday, May 29, 2010

Armchair BEA Wrap-Up Post / Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You

I had a blast with the Armchair BEA. Yeah, I wish I could have been at the New York event, but I could not be more impressed with the planning and organization that went into the Armchair version. Wow.

My favorite parts of the week were:

  • Getting to know other bloggers better
  • Learning post content tips. These were great, and I'm still going through Mr. Linky on the official BEA site to read more
  • The Twitter party!! (Even though I got there an hour late.) It was the next best thing to being there and better than commenting on a blog, hoping for a response in the next day or two

I don't participate in a lot of memes because I have a hard enough time getting reviews up, but doing so is a good way for people to get to know each other. So for me the Armchair BEA was like a week long meme, and I loved it.

One thing I admit besides not participating in memes often - although bloggers mentioned that meme reading is not a favorite past time - is that I rarely do posts besides book reviews. Hard to find the time...blah, blah, blah. And personally, what I enjoy is getting to know bloggers better, which is hard to do if they only post book reviews (like I do :)

Soooo, to practice what I preach, and for you to get to know me better, here's a look at my blogging digs.

Sometimes I go through my Google reader and write comments from my iPad at the kitchen table

My view from the kitchen table. You're all invited to come over for a swim anytime! In fact, I wish you would. I get lonely.

And because it's hard to do posts from my iPad, this is where I do our upstairs office

My husband took this from his iPhone a couple weeks ago. Kind of blurry, but just pretend you forgot to put your contacts in.

Thank you to the Armchair BEA hosts! Florinda, Emily, Tif, the 1st daughter, and Michelle: You did a beautiful thing by bringing us together and having our OWN fun...but without the tired feet and aching backs.

Remember to go to Armchair BEA Central to complete their survey. It'll help them plan for next year.


Aths said...

Wow! I loved reading about you! Isn't it the best thing - knowing about your fellow bloggers personally? I think in so many ways, Armchair BEA helped us open up a bit. Kudos!

Lynne said...

Aths: I know Armchair BEA helped me open up, and it brought us all closer by having our own little party.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

What nice spaces you have in which to work! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous views for writing on your iPad and for writing your posts! Your reading companions are adorable too! I'm so glad you had such a blast this week. I met so many new bloggers, my feed reader will never be the same!

I can't wait to do it again next year!

Alexia561 said...

Great pictures! Your dogs are too cute! Have a great weekend!

Gwen said...

I am still green with jealousy, you and your iPad. I wonder if I start hinting right now someone will get the point by my birthday or Christmas?

Murphy and I could use the pool today. It is cool in the house, but 97 outside, Africa hot.

ArmchairBEA was energizing wasn't it? It didn't just get me excited about book blogging, I feel totally pumped up about everything.

Gnocchi was a bit sticky the other night. Not sure if it was me or the recipe....probably me;)

Lynne said...

Gwen: Cripes, that IS Africa hot. Where do you live, Texas? Palm Springs? Poor Murph.

Forget about the hinting thing. I hinted through 6 gift-worthy occasions (including Christmas and Hanakkuh) for a Kindle, and nothing. Nada zilch. Not till my husband started adding onto the garage and gave me something to bargain with did I get my luscious iPad (sorry for that "L" word, but I really, really love it). And I really, really hope you get one!

Lynne said...

I think I spelled Hannukah wrong...

Jenners said...

Ok .. I have a serious case of pool and iPad envy. I love how you have it set up with the little keyboard!!! The one thing I didn't think I could do was type on the iPad on the screen!!!

And I think a blog should be whatever the blogger wants it to be ... and the readers can choose whether they want to read or not.

Glad to know you a little bit better!

Lynne said...

Jenners: Good point. If you want to do 10 memes a day, do 'em. If you don't like to read 'em, skip 'em.

And about the iPad keyboard: I had my iPad for a week without the wireless keyboard and I didn't love it so much.

If anyone out there gets an iPad, be sure to get the wireless keyboard for an extra $69. It's so worth it.

Florinda said...

I'm glad you had such a great time with Armchair BEA - the feedback has been fantastic, and I think it's quite likely it'll happen again next year! As long as there's a BEA, there will be book bloggers who can't go to it :-).

Thanks for sharing your Scene of the Blog, too!

Mari said...

I was so busy last week that I didn't even know there was a twitter event associated with armchairBEA... oh my :)

Are you enjoying Cutting for Stone? I have been waiting for my hold copy at the library and I'm next in line - yeah.

Have a wonderful week!

Tif said...

Sadly, I am just getting back to catching up on all these great posts!! I saw the picture of your pool and immediately thought a dip would be nice after these ridiculously hot summer days!! :)


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