Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Making Rounds with Oscar

Making Rounds with Oscar

by David Dosa, MD

My Synopsis

True story about a cat named Oscar who lives in a nursing home amongst the residents and instinctively knows when someone is near death. He curls up and sleeps on the beds of patients hours before they die, leaving only when the coroner takes them away. Everyone, including skeptical Dr. Dosa, the author, finally begins to see there is something to the cat's intuition; in fact, if family members are not present when Oscar begins his vigil, staff call and tell them it won't be long.

My Thoughts

I know I always give animal books 5 stars, but how can you not with a book like this? Really. Let me just say this cat is amazing and when I die in a nursing home (mother's intuition tells me that's where I'll end up), I want a cat (or a dog) snuggled up against me in the end.

Oscar is one of several cats who live in this nursing home, but only he has a sense of impending death and a desire to comfort. He is so determined to stay with the person that if anyone tries to shoo him off the bed or out of the room, he hisses. I love that. Every nursing home should have an Oscar.

I enjoyed the cat sayings before each chapter, such as "Dogs have owners, cats have staff" or "One cat leads to another" (Ernest Hemingway said that). In the afterword, there is a list of helpful hints for loved ones and caregivers of dementia patients.

Do I Recommend? Absolutely, especially if you're a cat person or have a loved one with Alzheimer's or other type of dementia. This book gives wonderful insight into that lonely "world."

Source: Library

My Rating: 5/5

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Steve Capell said...

We may never know how some animals have the ability to sense certain things that we can not. I know this isn’t the same as cancer detection, but we have Chihuahua that can sense a storm many hours before it arrives. How do birds know how to fly thousand and thousand of miles and return the same nesting place year after year? I like books that include animals I may have look for this book the next time I go to the bookstore. Thanks for your review


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