Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: The Tall Book

The Tall Book

by Arianne Cohen 6'3"

My Synopsis

Non-fiction book subtitled A Celebration of Life from on High. It's everything you wanted to know about being tall! By the way, tall for women is 5'10" and tall for men is 6'3".

My Thoughts

My son, at age 16, is 6'8". I'm 5'10". The title jumped out at me at the library and I checked it out without looking inside. Filled with information and all kinds of fun "tall" facts, I LOVED this book. Did you know that in the past five decades only one president (Carter) was shorter than 5'11"? And of the past 31 elections, in 28 of them the taller of the candidates won the popular vote? Did you know that taller people are smarter than short people?

The book has a ton of helpful information for talls, like where to buy clothes, how to deal with airline seat reservations, dating, formulas for figuring out how tall your children will be, and disorders suffered by talls.

As I had hoped, Eric saw the book and thumbed through it. He especially liked where it said tall people make more money, live longer, and are perceived as more dominant and powerful than average-sized people. He also said he's moving to the Netherlands, where the tallest people in the world live.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, if you're taller than average, you'll enjoy it.

Source: Library

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