Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Dogs Who Found Me

by Ken Foster

My Synopsis

This memoir by Ken Foster is subtitled What I've learned from pets who were left behind. He tells how he adopted a stray dog and the stream of rescue dogs who subsequently came into his life. Some of the dogs he adopted and others he found homes for. Like the author of Homer's Odyssey, Foster writes about his 9/11 experience while living in New York and how his dogs helped him through it.

My Thoughts

Cute book. I really liked it, but it's one that only true dog lovers will appreciate. Foster's writing was a bit amateur-ish, but the simplicity made it an easy read. What I loved about the book was the comfort in knowing there are people who go above and beyond to help animals. Foster is like any typical dog lover. Once you have one dog who shows you unconditional love and wags his tail every time you walk in the room, you're hooked.

And I have to tell you this inspirational story that my neighbor told me yesterday. Real quick, okay?

My Neighbor

My neighbor went to the city pound to adopt a dog. She saw a black and white hound/border collie mix that was on its death bed. I don't know the details of why a dog that sick was in a crate where people could see it, or why they didn't euthanize the dog if it was that sick, but anyway, my neighbor ended up paying $100 to adopt the dog and take it to her vet...just so the dog could die in a quiet place. Is that not the kindest thing you've ever heard?

The vet told my neighbor that the dog would not make it through the night, which she already knew, but still she felt good about what she did.

The vet called her the next day to tell her the dog was still alive and actually getting better.

You know the rest of the story. The dog got better and my neighbor brought her home! That was almost two years ago.

That's Posey in her front yard. (Her ear looks funny here, but it's just flipped backwards.)
She named the dog Posey because she is a "bouquet" of different breeds. She is currently in training to become a therapy dog and will go to hospitals and nursing homes to visit patients.

Isn't that the best story?

Oh shoot, I got sidetracked again. So sorry!

The book...

It was good. I enjoyed it because I'm an animal freak and I'll probably read every animal book ever published, but it wasn't exactly Marley and Me.


3/5 (if I used half ratings, I'd give it a 3 1/2)


Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

This sounds like something I'd like. Thank you for your honest, balanced review.

Lynne said...

Yay, another animal freak! Just kidding. :) Really, though, if you love animals, especially dogs, you'll probably enjoy this.

Missy B. said...

Lynne: Reading Posey's story gave me goosebumps. Thank you SO much for sharing it. Your neighbor is an absolute angel. Thanks also for your review....I have this book on my wish list.


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