Monday, November 16, 2009

Firefly Lane

by Kristin Hannah

My synopsis:

Two teenage girls with completely different childhoods and personalities end up as neighbors and unlikely friends. The story follows their friendship from the teenage years into adulthood, and through life, love, death and everything in between.  As women, their lives take contrasting paths, but they remain friends (mostly) through good times and bad.

My thoughts:

Great book if you're looking for something not too serious and a little on the "fluffy" side. Very easy to read and the author did a wonderful job of describing and building up the characters' personalities, which were believable and convincing, as was their relationship.  I especially enjoyed the setting, which spanned the 70s to 90s.  The author brought back memories that I hadn't remembered, such as macrame bathing suits, troll dolls, elephant bell bottoms and even Alpha Bits cereal (do they still have those?).  Also interspersed throughout the story were songs such as Day Dream Believer, Billy Don't Be a Hero and Abba's Dancing Queen.  Beautiful story of friendship, and what fun to be taken back in time.

Thanks, Lynette, for recommending this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.




Nise' said...

I like Kristin's book when I need a light one to read.

Jenners said...

The cover looks so lovely, and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane in your review! And I'm pretty sure they have AlphaBits still.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

We read this for book club in February and I agree... a bit of fluff.... the character (cant think of her name but I believe it started with a T) drove me nuts... she was so rude - so into only her needs... in the end though, I give the author credit... it all hit home and I did cry.


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