Monday, November 9, 2009

A Big Little Life

By Dean Koontz

I've never read any of Koontz's other books. I think he mostly writes mysteries. This book is about his golden retriever named Trixie. Guess where he got her from?! CCI! If you've read my blog you've seen the pictures of my dad and his wife's new dog Emma (formerly known as Marla). Emma was given to them by CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) because he and Trudy do fundraisers and other volunteer work for them. How surprised I was then to see how much A Big Little Life focuses on the CCI program. What a coincidence! Dean Koontz and his wife Gerda did a lot of work with CCI as well, and like my dad and Trudy, they were given a dog who was released because of an injury while actually working as a support dog.

Some of the animal books I read I think people would like even if they are not animal lovers, but this guy, Koontz, is over the top and only dog people, like myself, could probably relate. If you know what Frosty Paws are, this book is for you (it's an ice cream treat for dogs that is sold at the grocery store, and my dogs love it). If you think a dog can understand a word like "nachos," this book is for you. If you are certain that dogs possess souls, this book is for you. If you think dogs can tell what time of day it is and what is expected to happen at certain times of the day, this book is for you. If you've ever loved a dog so much you sobbed when it was sick or passed away, this book is for you.

Dean Koontz doesn't know it, but he and his wife are my new best friends. Anyone who sleeps on the kitchen floor with their sick dog all night is my friend. Don't worry, this isn't a Marley and Me sob story, but the humor and the antics are similar. And yes I did cry, but I always cry while reading dog books because the authors always relate so well the love between a pet parent and their dog. And I know exactly what they're talking about. And it makes me cry. That's all.

Get this book. You won't be disappointed.



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