Monday, June 1, 2009

The Daily Coyote

by Shreve Stockton

This lady has my dream life.

After moving from New York to San Francisco and falling in love with a small town in Wyoming while traveling through, she ended up staying and living there in a 12 x 12 log cabin. While there, she fell in love with Mike, a government trapper for the U. S. Department of Agriculture, who found and gave her a 10-day-old coyote.

The book started out as a daily blog of coyote pictures she sent to her friends. Soon her friends emailed her, saying they could not function without their "daily coyote." The blog became famous, and eventually she got a contract to write the book.

If nothing else, buy (or borrow) this book just to look at the pictures. They are fascinating and beautiful. In addition to the baby coyote, she had a cat named Eli, who went from hate towards the coyote to indifference, and eventually - as several darling pictures show - became his buddy.

I LOVED this book. When I first got it and read the first few pages, I told Eric, "If I could do nothing but read for 12 hours straight, I would do it." Knowing how much I love animals and how serious I was, he said, "Okay, bye. Have fun."

Since I couldn't really do that, it took me two days.

Click on the link below to see her blog...She still writes on it!

***** 5 Stars (Surprise, surprise)


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